Large Special Needs Strollers

Once your child starts growing beyond standard stroller sizes, or weighs more than 85 pounds, it is well worth your while to upgrade to a larger special needs stroller.

There are a limited number of manufacturers of larger adaptive strollers though, so it helps to know what to look for.

The most important consideration for larger special need strollers is the weight capacity. For the Axiom brand of large adaptive strollers, this is what to look for:





Weight Capacity

up to 100 pounds

up to 150 pounds

up to 200 pounds

The next things to consider are the width required for your child's shoulders and hips, so that you choose a stroller with enough width.

Similarly, you'll want to ensure that the stroller back is high enough to provide a resting point for your child's head, and that the seat depth is not too long for his legs.

So before you buy, you'd be wise to download their sizing chart to make sure that the stroller measurements are appropriate for your child's height and body structure. (Right click and "save" to download sizing chart)

You can also have customization done on your special needs stroller. Consider this if you need more customization of the stroller, due to: back brace, spinal rod or head halo, for instance.

For details on customization, download their evaluation chart with your therapist.
(Right click and "save" to download evaluation form)

For Size 1.5 Adaptive Strollers

Typically this size stroller will fit a child from 4-8 years old, depending on his weight and body structure. Check the sizing chart for best fit.

Adaptive Star Axiom Size 1.5 Special Needs Jogger In Navy

Adaptive Star Axiom Size 1.5 Special Needs Jogger In Red

You may also be interested in these special needs strollers (aka push chairs):

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