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When you have a child with a disability, simple activities like getting out to shop can become a hassle unless you a stroller that meets your special needs.

In our case, we found that we wanted to keep using a stroller for as long as possible - trying to lug around a pediatric wheelchair is not fun.

For most people, a special needs jogger is the stroller of choice.

Some children need the ability to lay back in order to breathe properly, but everyone will appreciate the ability to let your child rest comfortably - a special needs buggy that you'll appreciate for many years.

And the larger wheels make it easy to maneuver in most situations with a minimum of effort.

Besides the fact that an adaptive stroller is so much lighter and easier to load into a car or bus, there are a couple of other huge benefits over using a wheelchair.

One is that you'll be able to traverse grass and uneven ground easily. You'll really appreciate this if you want to attend any outdoor event in a park, or need to cross gravel paths at all.

One last big benefit is that you'll be able to much more easily 'blend' into social groups. Not everyone will think of this as an issue, but I know that in our case, going anywhere in public with a child in a wheelchair prompts stares and sometimes comments.

On the other hand, with these strollers designed for special needs children, your child won't stand out at all, and so you can go about your business with a lot less attention.

I've researched the market for you, and found a number of special need strollers that I think that you'll find can suit your needs well.

Click on any of the items below for more information or to buy.

If you have special requirements, such as a spinal rod, neck brace, head halo, etc., then you may want to consider customizing your stroller as well.

To help in that process, you can download the Axiom evaluation chart and complete it to better understand what customization is available.
(Right click and "save" to download evaluation form)

If you specifically need a larger stroller, or your child is more than 85 pounds, I've narrowed down the larger strollers choices for you too.

And you may also find these special needs accessories useful as well.

Shop for a stroller designed for special needs

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