Large print address book choices

A large print address book is useful for everyone - it isn't just vision impaired products that benefit from large type. Anyone with big print handwriting will appreciate the large print format.

No more squinting! And for most people, no need for low vision magnifiers either. You'll have plenty of room in these address books to record names and addresses, even when you write with large letters.

In addition to the large print format, most of the large print address book choices are also in high-contrast black and white, making it even easier to read and write in.

To save you loads of time and energy, we've already done the research for you, and found that these products are probably the best avaialable to suit your needs for address books with large type. Find the address book that's right for you, and have it delivered to you by our affiliate partner when you click on the buy now button below.

Shop for a Large Print Address Book

Since first writing this page, there have been more companies that realize that there are a lot of people that need low vision aids, including large print address book options.

So, I've added to my original set of large print options, and I've listed them below.  One thing you'll notice is that the variety of beautiful designs has improved dramatically.  

When you order keep your eye open for the phrase "Color May Vary", as it means that the actual color of the address book sent to you will depend on what is in stock, and you may only to claim a preference, but not be guaranteed a particular color.

All of the large print address books and other products on this page are made available at no extra cost to you via my affiliate partners.

Since you've shown an interest in large print address books, you may also be interested in some of these other low vision products such as large print books or large print keyboards.    There's more from my affiliate partners below, and lots more on this site or in my store too.

Hope this helps!

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