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For people who have low vision, a large print calendar is a must. It can really help your sense of independence when you feel in control of your time.

But a large type calendar has other great uses too. Any environment that shares a calendar with other people would benefit from the large type and the large grid - especially in a big space, such as a classroom, fitness or sports area, reception area, and many other work environments.

Truth be told however, it can be hard to find.

So, I did the research for you and have a number of large type calendars to choose from.

Best 2018 Extra Large Print Calendar for Low Vision

This is the best design for people with low vision. Not only are the numbers extra large and in a thick, black font, so are the names of the month and days of the week. And, it's probably the only calendar that also uses a large font for every holiday description as well. All of the information uses black ink on a bright white background, which maximizes contrast.

The calendar includes holidays for the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, which is helpful for folks with international connections as well.

This large type calendar is 12" wide, and 24" long when opened.

Big Letters Big Numbers 2017 Wall Calendar

Best Large Grid Calendar with Colorful Large Print

This is a nice, very large calendar, that offers very large type, as well as color changes for each month as an added visual clue.

The Monster Grid Large Print Calendar is 16.5 inches wide and is 24",high and also provides a large writing area for each day as well. The individual box for each day is 2" wide and 3.5" long, so it's ideal for people with lots of information to record, or for keeping track of details for a group of people or a project. Families, schools, sports teams and many work environments will benefit from this large calendar format.

Monster Grid 2017 Wall Calendar

So, you want a really large grid calendar?

Here's and extra large calendar, extra large grid, extra large type


This 2017 calendar really is humongous. Really. :-) In fact it may well be the largest calendar around anywhere. It's 22 inches wide !!! and hangs 34 inches long.

The individual grids for each day are about 3" wide and almost 5.5" long, so there is plenty of room to record lots of information in each day's square.

And, in case that wasn't enough, there's also a spot for notes for each month.

The information is presented with very large type, and each month is a different vivid color, also helping provide visual cues.

Holidays are included for the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, making it ideal for international project management or for increasing awareness of international holidays in a school or work environment.

This large grid calendar is not only fabulous with those with low vision. It's also great in any environment where a large group of people need to keep track of dates, or any large open area that needs a calendar visible to everyone, such as schools, community centres, fitness and sports areas and of course, factories and offices.

Large Print Planner and more Large Print Calendars

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