Kids in Diapers

It's not all that unusual any more to have kids in diapers, whether they have special needs or just suffer from pediatric incontinence for whatever reason.

youth diapers

But while finding infant diapers can be easy enough, everything changes once you  need to buy diapers that are larger.  Once your child is too big for infant diapers, but too small for adult diapers, you need to move to youth diapers.

You may be surprised to learn that the change is more than just sizing.  The structure of the youth diapers are quite different.

Typically there are three stages in diaper sizing that you'll move through.  

The first is the preteen diaper.  Even though the sizing may at first seem similar to large sized infant diapers, don't be fooled.   The waist typically comes with two tabs.

But the big change is in the size of the crotch area - it is much wider than what you have been used to.  

Preteen Diaper

With a waist size of 15" to 22", these junior youth diapers make a great choice as a preteen diaper.

They are designed to be worn as briefs, i.e. as a replacement for underwear, under clothes.    

One feature that is really nice with this brand is that there are two tabs on each side, so getting the fitting just right is that much easier.

And for overnight use, having that extra little bit of custom fit can be the difference between comfort and leaks.

preteen diaper

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