Grab Bars

There is a huge variety of grad bars available, including mounted, suction grab bars and floor mounted grab bars.   There are the expected differences in length, but also variations in the size of the bar, and even the shape.  

The different shapes offer you different options as to placement. There are different ways to add a grab bar either near or even attached to a bathtub for instance.  Grab bars can also do double duty - attached to a shelf or chair, for instance 

From a design point of view, you'll also find difference in color - mainly chrome, silver or white grab bars.  Lastly, there are often different finishes to complement your decor,

I'll start though with the grab bars that will be the most welcome, in my view.  A type of s-curve grab bar design that will help you safely rise from a sitting position.  You can add this any where, of course, but the place it will probably be most appreciated is in the bathroom. 

No one wants to worry about falling because they were struggling to get up from the toilet!

So here are some of the best designs I've sourced for you from affiliate partners.  You'll notice that they can be wall mounted or floor mounted grab bars.  Watch the video to get a good idea of how it works - hand over hand, like hand climbing a ladder, to easily and safely get to standing.

Note: this product also offers grab bar installation option as well.

Grab Bar Placement

Before you buy, measure the exact location you intend to mount or add the bar.  There are many lengths available, and generally, the longer the better.  But, be sure that you measure the space available.  It may help in some instances to place the bar on an angle, which may not only offer more functionality, it may also affect the use of your space.

As a space saving measure (and to improve usability) look at some of the dual function products - added to a shelf or seat for instance.

Be sure to consider the wall, floor and 'air' space available in your home or organization, and what type of mounting options may be available too.  If you have concrete floors or walls, for instance, do you have access to the tools and labor necessary to install?  Is there room in your budget for installation costs, if necessary?  

If you aren't able to mount directly, there are suction cup versions, as well as floor to ceiling spring mounted options as well.

Lastly, consider how placement of the bar(s) will affect non-users as well.  The trick will be to find the right position to be truly useful for the person needing it, while not becoming intrusive to others.

Different options for Grab Bars

As I said, there are many, many different types, sizes, shapes and styles of ADA grab bars available.  Here's a good selection that I've sourced for you from my affiliate partners.  The first few listed are the most popular style, but I've shown you some of the different varieties in length that are available.

Be sure to look through to the bottom of the page though, as you'll see that there are a quite of number of different configurations for you to consider.  

Just click on any image to get more details or purchase any of these items.

Hope that helps!

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