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Grab Bars

There is an incredible variety of suction grab bars, wall mounted and and floor mounted grab bars. Here is

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Go Talk 9 Augmentative Communication Device

The Go Talk 9 is a great choice for people with limited motor control or memory or in need of augmentative communication devices due to any speech disorder.

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Onesie Style Bodysuit for Children

The onesie style sleeveless bodysuit is great for all children, but children with special needs can especially benefit - especially those with autism

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LAST DAY! Special Need Products Store Closings Alert - 18 December 2016

Today is the last day to shop at the US $ / International online store for Special Need Products.

Only a few hours left!

Be sure to check out the Inventory Clearance items!

The Canadian $ store is also closing today, and you can find even more items there...

Take advantage while you can!

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Special Need Products Store Closings Alert - 18 December 2016

I have a special announcement for you....

After many years, I will be closing the online stores at Special Need Products, but keeping the main site open.

I wanted to let you have the opportunity to stock up - re-order previous products, or order new products - before the online Special Need Products Stores close for good on December 18th, 2016.

You may also want to take advantage of a small inventory of items that are clearance priced, and you can find them here:

US $ International Store and the Canada Store

I even have some new products that I never had time to add to the store! Some will be added to the inventory clearance section as I have time over the remaining days, so check back often for new deals!

Please note that the main site will remain open at special-need-products.com, and the main site will continue to provide product reviews and product referrals when I see that there are products that I think will provide you with value.

In fact, writing about Special Need Products, rather than selling them directly is going to be my new focus.

I love writing, researching and analyzing, so I plan on providing you with more quality information that you can use.

With the stores closed, I'll finally have the time to produce the Special Ideas Newsletters too!

In order to get updates, just sign up for the Special Ideas Newsletter, which I will be occasionally sending out (Look for the blue box in the right hand column when you click on that last link)

Don't worry, I only use your email address for newsletter purposes, and will never provide your personal information to anyone else.

What happens next?

All orders received by midnight December 18th, 2016 will be processed as usual. Inventory clearance products will be available until stock runs out, on a first come, first serve basis.All Sales Final.

Note that the phones will be shut down on Dec 19th, 2016. But, you can always reach me via the Contact Form on the main site.

After Dec 19th, the store will be closed to purchases, but still be visible for a while as we go through the internal processes required for store closing and record keeping. Wherever possible, I will try to provide information on how to purchase specific items after store closing, if available.

Thanks to all my clients for your past order(s).

I've enjoyed serving you, and hope to continue to help you through the main site and newsletters.


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Wheelchair Ramps - How to Choose

Did you know that there are a number of different types of wheelchair ramps available? Our guide will help you choose which type of handicap ramp suits your mobility needs.

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Inventory Clearance

From time to time we clear out inventory - and you get to take advantage of clearance prices - available only for as long as items are in stock,

All Sales Final

Shipping to Canada? Go Here

Shipping to US / International locations? Go Here

Quantities are limited, so orders are first come, first serve, until they're gone!

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New! Time Lock Plastic Storage Containers

These time lock small storage containers are the perfect solution for teachers and caregivers that need to be able to keep items out of reach.

Time Lock Clear Plastic Storage Containers

Just place the items inside the plastic storage container, dial the time that you would like to lock the items away for, and just press to lock.Your items are safe and secure until the timer is up.

Choose from an opaque container or a clear plastic container, and from four lid colors. Quantity discounts available

Here are some ideas of how you can use these unique time lock storage containers:

Hide presents and never worry about having anyone peeking ....Keep medicines out of sight and mind and away from inquisitive hands by storing in the opaque container.Remember though that you won't be able to override the timer if a mistake is made in setting the time! The lid will not open before the time is up - you'd have to break the container - not an easy feat.

Keep your personal items in your desk and safe from students

Place 'rewards' like toys, games or food in the clear plastic container, to provide motivation and help train patience or reward good behavior

Enforce technology free time by locking away cellphones or tablets

Help break bad habits like smoking by time locking away cigarettes

Help with staying on diets by time locking away treats like cookies or candy

The time lock safe is great to help you hide away items that may be tempting for thieves.

Keep your personal papers locked away and inaccessible from roommates

Since you can set the time lock for up to 10 DAYS, it's ideal for use while on vacation.

Consider color coding your usage by using different colored lids for different purposesThe kSafe is designed for safely storing food and many other items. It is made of BPA-free food grade plastics.

The kSafe is fun and easy to use:Place an item in the kSafeRotate the button to set the timer - anywhere from one minute to 10 Days!Press the button to activate the lockThe kSafe works in some refrigerators. As refrigerators vary in terms of condensation, temperature, and other factors, it can impact the timing mechanism and batteries. You may attempt to use the kSafe in the refrigerator, but know that it may damage the unit and would void the warranty. The kSafe will not work in the freezer. The condensation from the freezer may damage the electrical components and will void the warranty. If you need to lock an item in the freezer, we recommend using a key-locking bag and then placing the key in the kSafe.

You may have come across this item in The Kitchen Safe Shark Tank debut, and since then, the makers have provided a larger size - big enough to store an iPad or other tablet.

Time Lock Plastic Storage Container Sizes

On Sale till Oct 31st - Sale Prices only while supplies last!

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New! Onesie Bodysuit with Full Back Zipper - Anti-Strip Clothing

This onesie bodysuit with back zipper is a soft and comfortable solution for people that have issues with clothing removal, inappropriate diaper access or fecal smearing.

The anti-strip clothing comes in a wide variety of sizes, from Children Size 2, all the way up to Adult Large (Size 18).

The long back zipper makes it easy for caregivers to dress and undress the individual, while the fabric tab helps deter access to the top of the zipper.

The unique zipper placement offers additional comfort as well as making it more difficult for the wearer to remove. The wearer can't easily pull at the neck of the onesie, as it is reinforced with non-stretch material, and double stitched.

Legs come down to about knee length, making it difficult to access diapers or other incontinence products from the leg.

The gusset at the bottom is roomy enough to comfortable accommodate diapers or other incontinence products.

Useful in a home environment, school, residence or nursing home, for people with autism, dementia or Alzheimer's, or other people who have difficulty with clothing. The cotton rich fabric makes it both comfortable and durable.

Quantity discounts available, and apply even with multiple sizes ordered.

Shipments start November 2016... Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Free Shipping to USA

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Back Zipper Pajamas - Special Needs Clothing

There are a number of reasons why caregivers prefer to have back zipper pajamas for their special needs children and youth. Find them here...

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