Back Zipper Pajamas

There are many reasons why caregivers prefer that their charges wear back zipper pajamas.  But this special needs clothing looks and feels comfortable and cozy, so children and adults love wearing them.   

Below you'll find back zipper pajamas for children, women and men, available from our stores as well as our affiliate partners.  Just click on the images or links below to open a new tab, and complete your purchases.

Back Zipper Pajamas for Children

Designed for special needs children and youth, these young adult onesies can be worn as footed pajamas or even as a jumpsuit.  

onesie bodysuit with back zipper

Back Zipper Full Bodysuit
Sizes Child Small to Child Large
Optional Lock over zipper


Onesie bodysuit with back zipper

Onesie Bodysuit
with Back Zipper
Sizes Child to Adult
Color: Grey

knee length child bodysuit with back zipper

Knee Length Bodysuit
with Back Zipper and
Optional Lock over Zipper

Colors: Black, White
Sizes: Child Small to Adult Sm
Custom Sizing Available

From our affiliates:

Please note that the item selection below is auto-generated. While we've specifically requested back-zipper clothing, you should check the product description for each item before ordering to confirm.  On the other hand, many front zip pajamas in this style can also be worn backwards... So just be aware before completing your purchase...  :-)

Onesie Pajamas for Adults - Back Zipper

USA / International Orders                            Canadian Orders

Women's Onesie Pajamas - Back Zipper

Unisex Back Zipper Bodysuit for Women and Men

Onesie Bodysuit
with Back Zipper
Sizes Child to Adult
Color: Grey

US / International

Onesies for Men - Back Zipper

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